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life changing

Review by follicle chaser

after 2 failed hair transplants started using various concealers caboki found to be the best, then seen 3D on ebay and purchased a 35g at £29.99. they both do a great job BUT you get 35g and free delivery with 3D. I have thick hair but a large thinning at the vortex area. sound a bit dramatic but has change my ,put it on confident that it last and realistic. wish they sold small cheap tester sachet though. Im on my 6 pot now .Great Stuff
(Posted on 20/04/2015)


Happy customer

Review by Willis2810

Been using this for years and never had anybody notice it's not my real hair, real confidence booster never leave the house without it unless I've got a hat on
(Posted on 01/02/2015)



Review by Amazing product

best ive used AAAAA all aroundI have used similar products in the past, NOTHING beats 3 D Hair thankyou so much for rebuilding my confidance...
(Posted on 20/06/2013)


Results are unbelievable

Review by Revels

I was a bit sceptical when I first saw the videos. One of those things that seems too good to be true. After spending £1000's over the years to restore my hair I have found out nothing will make my hair grow back. But this stuff is AMAZING, It hides my bald spots and it has given me my confidence back. Don't knock this stuff till you try it. The results need to be seen to be believed. FIVE STRARS FROM ME.. Thanks
(Posted on 16/03/2013)


My wife

Review by James

My wife likes it and thinks I should continue using it as it makes me look younger!
(Posted on 28/02/2013)


It works

Review by johnf

A great product that really works
(Posted on 26/02/2013)